Gay Marriage: The Left’s Pink Herring

Let’s review:

  • Domestically the federal government has accelerated its death march towards insolvency through profligate spending, uncontrolled borrowing and monetary digitization. Nobody … nobody can persuasively explain how the existing entitlement programs will be sustained two or three decades out.
  • One such program, Obamacare, is only now emerging from its protective cocoon of delay and obfuscation to reveal itself more disastrous, by orders of magnitude, than even its worst critics would initially have thought possible.
  • Real unemployment, as measured by honest, non-delusional adults, is somewhere north of 15%.
  • The southern border remains a turnstile for illegal aliens (apologies: love-struck hopefuls) whose only worry after getting into the country is accidentally running afoul of some U.S. regulation meant to annoy and harass its own citizens.
  • De facto legislation through regulation, executive order and judicial fiat is now the primary engine of political change. The actual legislative branch which has Constitutional responsibility for such things, has made itself largely irrelevant. Less enlightened polities refer to this as “lawlessness”.
  • Internationally, the U.S. has become the world’s ashtray, a metaphor that could become existentially literal if the bad actors of the world get their way.
  • Iran — by virtue of an agreement that nobody understands and no two participants agree on the specifics of — seems poised to acquire nuclear weapons in the near future. Despite the assurances of an administration whose recent accomplishments include the wholesale destabilization of the middle east, some constituencies — notably Israel, the Arab states and pretty much anyone else not afflicted with a death-wish — remain skeptical.
  • ISIS (aka the JV team) seems more or less unimpeded in its efforts to bring death, rape, slavery, subjugation (basically 7th century Islam’s greatest hits) to anyone who isn’t their kind of Muslim. (Better described as “most everyone”.)
  • Russia (apparently the 80’s called back and don’t want their foreign policy back after all) in obvious deference to Hillary Clinton have in fact “reset” their relationship with the US — to something approximating amused contempt — and are gobbling up whole swaths of the Ukraine with impunity.

Against this backdrop (admittedly incomplete — you could expend another thousand words on the depth of guacamole we’re in without breaking a light sweat) the media have applied the full weight of their moral and intellectual prowess to these issues and decided what we should all be talking about — more or less perpetually — is gay marriage.

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