We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Civil Society


So, some guy in Michigan cashes in his fifteen minutes and announces to the world via Facebook that his auto repair shop won’t serve openly gay people. In an earlier, less enlightened era, the world – or at least those members of it in immediate need of a new head gasket – would simply have read this, maybe thought nothing of it, maybe rolled their eyes, maybe freaked out a little, and then made individual determinations (collectively forming an announcement of sorts right back at him) as to whether this establishment deserved their continuing business. After minimal investments of time, energy and thought everybody would have moved on.

Not so much anymore.

This old approach (kind of a “civil society” thing) after a pretty good run of four or five hundred years has long since been exposed by the deep thinkers of the new millennium (typically but not exclusively on the left) for the quaint and deeply flawed system it actually is.

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